Utilize Cake abstractions and addins using Microsoft dependency injection

The Need

Cake has some real nice testable abstractions around working with the filesystem, processes, tools, etc. and for a .NET project, we had just that need. But a static instance isn’t very testable, and for most of our .NET projects (console apps, APIs, Azure Functions, WPF…

GitHub PR build status 1 of 14 failing, GitHub action macOS

App Service Changes

  • Marker filename: siteversion.txt --> packagename.txt

Action you need to take

App Setting now

Verifying change

You can verify the publish succeeded under App Service Advanced Tools ( Kudu ) — Debug Console by navigating to data/SitePackages

Adding a project to Bitrise

Adding a…

ICYMI there’s an event you don’t want to miss in April!

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018

What I’m talking about is the Global Azure Bootcamp, a community driven event all about Microsoft Azure and cloud computing!

A new way to deploy your Azure Web Apps and Function Apps

Ship remotely to Azure App Services using Cake

  • Static web sites, where it requires more resources build, than to serve.
  • Multi region apps, where you deploy same bits to multiple sites and makes sense to just build it once.
  • Build…

Spackle missing pieces on legacy versions of PowerShell

Serverless debugging on steroids💪


Introducing ngrok, ngrok is a tool and a service that will…

Mattias Karlsson

Partner & Technical fellow at WCOM AB. Microsoft Azure & Developer Technologies MVP. Been coding since I 80’s (C128 & Amiga). Father of 2, husband of 1.

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