Cake.Kudu.Client version 0.6.0 released

This version fixes a breaking change in the Azure App Services Run-From-Zip web app deployment feature.

App Service Changes

  • Marker filename: siteversion.txt --> packagename.txt

Action you need to take

As the App Setting has change you’ll need to change you setting name to WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_ZIP (it’s value should still be 1 )

Maker filename is handled by the new version so all you need to update scripts to use Cake.Kudu.Client version 0.6.0

nothing else needs to be changed in your Cake script.

Verifying change

You can verify the publish succeeded under App Service Advanced Tools ( Kudu ) — Debug Console by navigating to data/SitePackages and see deployment package and the new packagename.txt

Full example

If you haven’t used the feature before below is a full example

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